Make Your Freshly Cut Flowers Last Longer

Make Your Freshly Cut Flowers Last Longer


Although the blooming season is over, there are still many shops offering beautiful flower bouquets to decorate your home!

So here are some tips to keep them fresh and blooming as long as possible! 

1. Take off any leafs that are under the water in your vase

2. Cut your flower stems in an angle, so that there is more surface to take up water from

3. Change water at least every 3 days 

4. The harder the stem, the hotter the water - for branches or very hard and sturdy stems you can use hot water (not boiling)

5. You can add a teaspoon of sugar to the water, that will help nourish the blooms, so they stay looking fresh longer 

6. Put the vase with flowers in a cooler place, where there is no heating systems nearby 

That's it! By doing these steps, you will make sure your beautiful flowers will last as long as possible. And if you're looking for a vase to hold them, check out our newest arrivals in Home Decor





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